Howdy .. Fellow Trespassers :-)

Vannakkam ! Obviously you are psyched about reading ahead.  There are many things science throws a philosophical eye to – one of them being inertia. The tendency to resist getting started and the tendency to not stop once you have begun. So it is with me and this first post. Every letter I type seems like a step closer to a first blog post and as the letters seem to crawl their way into this screen, the tougher it gets to muster up letters to write. Personally, I hate reading good blogs. When I read a good blog, the first thing I tell myself is, ” What a loser ! Wasting his time on a worthless blog “. Yet, here I am !

I guess we should leave introductions for another day. A later time in a later age perhaps. One of the things you get really sick about once you enter college is this concept of introduction – ” kya machaye ho life mein “. And you wait, and you think, and the moment you think you realize …. Shit ! Ancient Hindu ideology gives you solace when you face an inner self, tormented. It tells you, ” Dude, you have another 7 lives to machaofy “.

So, guess we’ve reached that awkward part of an internet chat when the other person decides to type, “so what more ? “, and you decide to reply, “nothing, u temme”, and with neither of the two persons wishing to conclude the conversation and yet, by not saying a lot, leaving a lot unsaid.

5 thoughts on “Howdy .. Fellow Trespassers :-)

  1. Nice beginning, now you need to collect similar thoughts together. Your writing will become more coherent if you can make your points discrete. But keep writing, the key is practice.

  2. Thanks for your advice guys ( and girls 😛 ) … i ll try my best to write something interesting … And like the airliners put it, ” Thank for flying with me. Hoping to see you soon. “

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