Change … My Present take on it

Its a generation of email, chat, tweets, status messages and blogs. Its a generation of over 1000 friends on Facebook, 1000 people in ones chat list. Its a generation where ‘i’ has a totally different meaning. Is it a generation who have lost their way somewhere down the line ? Have we forgotten the things which are the most important in the pursuit of something we know not what ?

Think about how much has changed in the last 10 years. 10 years ago, Google was virtually unknown. Imagine yourselves without Google. 10 years ago, there was no such thing as virtual social networking. Mobile phones were only present in the hands of the rich and fortunate, and they showcased their prized possession like a peacock showcases its plumage to its newly acquired prospective mate. Then, Global Warming, though hypothesised by scientists, hadn’t been taken seriously yet by the world at large. Its another matter that it is still not being taken seriously by the world at large, but the common educated man then, hadn’t heard of such a term. Few people had heard about the devastation that potentially could be caused by a Tsunami. The Indian Postal Service, used to actually deliver letters from people in one part of the country, to people in other parts. And, now picture todays world. And almost everything that we do, we hear, we see, has somehow been influenced by the above changes (and of course other related changes) in the world. And I think, could we survive in the world ten years ago ?

The only time in recent history people have felt the same way would probably have to be from 1939 to 1949. The changes that happened then influenced social, political and economic changes across the globe. People became more liberal, new super powers emerged, people knew the power of the nuclear bomb, countries started becoming independent and new ideologies started emerging. People were in a fix. They didn’t know what was happening. This is exactly what is now happening in the world – for this next generation. They don’t know what to do because no one knows what to do.

I  guess we are the confused generation. We are pampered. We have an abundance of opportunities ahead, we have everything perhaps that we require, and it is because of this we are blinded. We can’t see anything because there is too much to see. We don’t learn too much, because there is so much there to learn and because everything we need to learn is on our fingertips, we tend to procrastinate. We are confused and we have no one to tell us what to do because no one has been in this situation before. Its unfortunate for us that this change is not going to end anytime soon.

The last 10 years have certainly been one of the fastest growing periods of civilisation in terms of economy, science, political ideas, etc. But perhaps this change has been too drastic and sudden for people to keep track of what has happened. In our quest for answers, in our quest for making the world a better place, have we involuntarily increased the entropy of the system ?

One thought on “Change … My Present take on it

  1. 10 years back. Yes no mobile. never heard of Internet. I was in school. All I remember is ‘shaktimaan’, ‘Mogli’, ‘dekh bhai dekh’, ‘donald duck’ et al. and of course the fights with my sis for TV remote.

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