The Accident

I am walking down a busy road, a car is approaching
The horn is blaring, I can’t hear a thing.
The bright lights glaring, I cant see anything
I should run, but I keep staring.

Around me, the familiar sites become unfamiliar
I see a nightingale sing without any fear.
In an urban city, I am surrounded by forests so near
I am back in time, in some long forgotten year.

It all comes back, and I smile
The driver looks at me – I am senile
The car comes to a halt, and i add, in style
I learn about life and its hidden guile.

If this were a dream, what is reality ?
Was it fate, or was it the work of a deity ?

2 thoughts on “The Accident

  1. My God, the lengths you’d go to just to rhyme : P
    An attempt is the next best thing to success.

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