Its all about the hair !

It all sparked off I think a few weeks ago. I was watching an episode of HIMYM, and in one of the numerous scenes it occurred; the reason why people grow their hair long. We are all of free mind and body. We simply cannot expect to remain constrained in a system. We have to rebel. But the fact is, that in modern society, we have nothing concrete to rebel against. We dont have any racial discrimination, we dont have any civil war, or national war. We have no outwardly place to express this tendency of rebellion in the community. So, what is the solution to this ? This is where I come to the traditional outlook of society.

Traditionally, it has been believed that a man in society performs certain tasks, and looks and behaves in a certain manner. He is believed to be the protector of the society; he is tall, muscular, and most important, is well-groomed (especially his hair). So, growing ones hair, is essentially non-conformity with the general norms of society – it is in other words, rebellion. It is to pierce ones body in unnatural places, or to display your body as a work of art. And thus, as a way to tell the society we are different by not conforming with the accepted norms, we grow our hair long. As John Lennon most eloquently put it, while protesting the Vietnam War in the 70’s, “Grow Your Hair Long, Give Peace a Chance”.

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