Swimmathon is IIT Bombay’s unique spectacle. Swimmathon is a marathon in water. It is, wait for it, to swim in water continuously for a period of 12 hours. Yes, 12 HOURS. When you enter the portals of this not-so-majestic looking institution, you hear about it and wonder if this could be true and if this really happens. I still wonder whether this really happens but apparently, as of saturday 4pm, the 12 hour clock would have officially had its first tick.

Naturally, I registered for the event and I am all pumped about finishing the hours. After all, twelve hours is one long night sleep. 12 hours is an insignificant portion of your everyday life. It is very much possible to sustain yourself for twelve hours on buoyancy. Suddenly I wish I was a bloated pig. Then all I had to do was jump into water and I would bob like a cork. But unfortunately, with great volume comes great mass. It promises to be an exciting event and so now, after a year with Reddy, I cant help but wait for ‘go’.

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