PAF – 1

The Performing Arts Festival of IIT Bombay is a grand culmination to a year infested with cultural activity. It is showcased to be the pride of the Institute. 3-4 Hostels are usually grouped together as a single team, depending on the level of enthusiasm shown in the hostels, to co-host the event. Everything, right from the sets, to the dance choreography, the Original Soundtrack music and finally the script is made in consortium by the students in the PAF Team, and after over two weeks of work in all these areas, the hostels proudly present their unique PAF.

To the lay-man, let me describe the first PAF. It was a live bollywood movie, performed in the actual set, with a live band playing its compositions, dancers coming in and dancing at appropriate junctures and simultaneousy, the play going on. It was quite a spectacle, and considering the amount of effort that goes into producing such an event, you are left awestruck. A jam-packed OAT, rarely seen in other institute events, presents itself for PAF and every audience member is a critic in his own right. Like every other event, even a carefully engineered PAF has its glitches. With sets coming in and going out haphazardly, dancers at times forgetting their steps, voice overs starting at the wrong time,etc,  but I guess such trivial mistakes are pardonable. After all, the ones making the PAF are no professionals, they are students of an “engineering” college.

There were three things which struck me as awesome, really awesome, in the PAF. The first was the sets. The fact, that they managed to build steps and a balcony on an OAT stage, which could contain the weight of atleast 3-4 people, if not more, out of only bamboo was quite extraordinary. The second was the voice overs. It was as if the actors themselves were speaking and there was perfect (to most extent) synchronization between the actors on stage and their voice overs off stage. And the third crack of the evening, was Bharat Prabhakarji in the OS whose name I have forgotten.

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