Media Fever

The materialistic hand, over the past decade or so, has clawed itself deep into the integrity of journalism and press in our country, and this is quite disturbing. With News Channels flashing Breaking News for trivial reasons all the time, it has simply become like the boy who cried wolf. The trend has become such that today, News Channels use their coverage to instill ideas into people, to tell them what to think instead of telling them what to think about. News has become synonymous with political parties promoting their agenda; the inherent bias of newspapers which is traditionally to be expressed only in the Editorial pages of the newspaper, is now making its way to the front of the paper.

Free Media is integral for the growth of a country, especially a democracy. Without the press, elected representatives could never be held accountable to those who elected them into power. We would never know what they are doing, or more importantly, what they are not doing after them being elected. Since the media features so prominently in the society, the lack of professionalism and ethics could potentially lead to disastrous consequences. Naturally, the question to be asking, is why this has happened, and why is it wrong for the Media to cater to the majority of population with its glamorous, often ridiculously over-rated news ? The media one must remember is not entirely a profit organization working on the principles of demand and supply. Media is sort of like education, what you teach cannot be determined simply by what is demanded to be taught ? Since the media serves as a link between ordinary people and the world, it has to have some responsibility and must report things of more worldly and national importance than news, which in a certain perspective is merely tabloid gossip.

In a world without press, we would be blind, deaf and probably dumb. In a world with bad press, it would be 1984.

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