An English PAF

The PAF is quite a unique institute competition. Its takes the whole lot to produce the PAF, and it makes the festival very popular among most of established hostel junta, as I had written in one of my earlier posts. While viewing the last PAF, I was thinking of the old days when the same PAF’s used to be in English. And then I wondered how an english PAF in the institute would be like, and I realised that if it could be pulled off, it would be remarkable. The problems associated however with an english PAF are numerous, including the fact that there may not be many audience members interested in viewing it, and many more sceptical about whether it could be pulled off. Also, the actors in the institute, are certainly better at Hindi than in English, as is apparent from the few english plays produced in the institute. The fact that a Staccato event ( The English Music Club ) at the OAT hardly gets more than a small section of the theatre filled, while a similar Saaz ( The Hindi Music Club ) event gets almost a packed convocation hall, itself is an indication to the general mood of the population in the institute.

However, a Hindi PAF can be set only in a few number of locations. The sets have to be in North India, and the themes of the PAF have their own limitations. Themes of love, passion and subtlety rarely can be showcased. Literary devices like sarcasm and rhetoric cannot be used to such a great degree, and these limitations in the script itself leads to limitations in the PAF. While the Institute is not ready for an English PAF any time soon, perhaps its worth a spare moment to think of it as a possibility. Considering the fact, that they were once upon a time, an august tradition of the institute, its death is a sad demise. For the sake of the old times, a “one last time”, we certainly owe.

4 thoughts on “An English PAF

  1. Bleh, the crap that happens whenever there’s an event at college. Sarcasm and rhetoric do not have as much to do with the medium of delivery as they do for the situation. Also themes like passion, love and the other stuff you said are simply taboo to the general audience who attend your Hindi PAFs, someone just has to grow a pair of balls and depict them if you feel they need to be depicted. And this is totally you speaking like you’re 70 years old. I should know, I think like I’m 80.

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