The Enigma of Choice

As a science student, the concept of choice, and of free thinking has always amazed me. Looking at choice from a population’s perspective, you realize that it is no more than random behavior. Though a choice is an informed instinctive action, you dont know whether the choice will serve you well in the longer run, and though we sometimes look back and say, maybe we should have walked down the other road, the fact remains that you cannot go back. And therein lies the enigma of choice. For me, a choice is to say at a given moment, whether light is a wave or a particle. To say either is to be correct, and yet to say either could also be wrong. That is the enigma of choice. It is something for which you dont know what is right, or what is wrong. It is simply there. And the only time when you can analyse the choice is once that moment has passed. A little too late if you ask me. Just as in the case of the light beam, its true identity would only be revealed when it causes a soap-bubble to display a panaroma of colours, which even imagination cannot conjure.

And thus in the mystery of choice lies one of the greatest mystery’s of life. The mystery of the double identity, to realize that while both the choices are right, one has to be made and the true effect of the choice, and its implication is only realised once your decision is made cannot be changed. And this enigma of choice was too much for people to handle. Over the course of history, people started defining what to do when a certain choice appears before you. They did this on the grounds on morality, social ethics, gentlemanly behavior and perhaps even religion. Gradually over time, we have stopped observing the choices present around us, we see perhaps only the choices which we are taught to see. To see the other road, carefully hidden by the work of thousands before us, is itself quite a laborious task. But is walking that other road, knowing not where it would lead, rushing into places where even angels fear to tread ?

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