A Tribute to the Fools

April 1st is synonymous with perhaps fools, and making a joke on someone. We have all at some time or the other fallen prey to the day, and perhaps the more fortunate among us may have made a fool of someone on this day. I however believe that this day serves the larger picture. If we take a walk through the portals of history, we realise that the greatest ideas, when first visualised were foolish. Think about it, to say that humans were monkeys once is at first glance, foolish. Would anyone really be willing to believe prior to 1947 that a non-violent struggle could bring about the downfall of the British regime in the Indian Subcontinent? Isnt explaining all of life simply on the basis of a double helical molecule a wee bit foolish? Yet, these were the greatest developments in the world, and it is these foolish ideas which are making the world go round today. As yet another April 1st comes and goes with trivial fun, let us look at the larger picture and smile for all the fools we know. Now, as I reach the end of this tribute, I am reminded of a line which perhaps aptly describes what I have written, “Its better keep silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it. “

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