Whats in a Name ?

Some say, whats in a name, and yet for me, the simplicity of the question is not understood. The phobia of asking people their names is quite a bad thing to have and I am one of the unfortunate victims to this phobia. The problem is that I find it embarrassing to ask people their name, and this leads to havoc in the relationship after the first few meetings. The first time you meet a person, is in a way a first date and there are some things you just have to do in the first meeting. One of the first things is to ask, “What is your name? “, and it is in this seemingly innocent question that my phobia lies. Somehow, the very thought of asking this question is drives me crazy and i think, maybe I should just find out the persons name from someone else. And, that one meeting turns to 2 and then it grows like bacteria on a culture plate, and before long it becomes such that it would be a social faux pax, if you did ask the person their name. Atleast with the male population, that is pardonable, and one moves on quickly, but with the female population in general, the consequences can be quite disastrous. One of my friends committed this faux pax, almost 6 months after seemingly having gotten to know the name of the person, and he doesnt talk to that person anymore. Fortunately for me, I had asked the girl her name a few weeks earlier and I had been pardoned for this seemingly, unpardonable crimes.

Thus, names, phone numbers and addresses constitute a list of things, I am atleast always afraid of asking someone. I guess phone numbers and addresses are more appropriate for girls, but nonetheless, atleast these you are afraid off because maybe you would get rejected, or perhaps an odd look. But I guess, there should be no reason why you shouldnt ask someone their name in your first meeting with them, but with me, there is an invisible restraining force much like gravity, and it is in this that there lies the mystery of the ‘phobia’.

2 thoughts on “Whats in a Name ?

  1. Chuck your ass in there and say “I’m Futtbucker E. Smith” And you’ll know their name in no time…

  2. The possible solution to your phobia that comes to my mind is ” My name is Seshdri,by the way.” And by this gesture you get the other person talking..
    Aint a good idea.

    PS- m nt a Doc, n dont deal in phobia.

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