April Come She Will ..

Its that month of the year again, April. April traditionally marks the beginning of a fresh year, with Aries being the first sign of the zodiac and the tamil new year just around the corner. But for students, April marks the end of a long, drawn school/college year, and it generally serves as a time for introspection of what you did right, and what you did wrong in the year that has passed. April also carries with it, the burden of the looming summer months ahead, with the sweat pouring down your neck into your wet baniyan, and the fan in your living room moving like a fat man after eating two subs. April is also the dreaded time for examinations, the culmination of all those classes you sat through and stared vacantly out of the window in the hope that perhaps a Peter Pan would enter. The month of April brings along with it the joy of knowing that the vacations are just around the corner, with the mangoes, the trip to your grandparents place and the endless time you spend just watching the time slowly pass by with your friends, occasionally gathering for a game of ‘gully’ cricket, which most recently has evolved into soccer.

And thus, the month of April brings with it mixed emotions. In the West, when the dreary months of winter beckon, they remember the lines immortalised by P B Shelley, “If Winter Comes, Can Summer be far behind”, and they long for April. While the awaiting for April certainly exists, a cold shudder you would get if in winter, you asked someone if they are awaiting the hot months of summer ! I eagerly wait for the end of April, for three months of holidays, enough time to catch up on a bit of reading, writing and perhaps the most important of them all, TV. And as the days get brighter, and the temperatures soar, I continue to wait for the sunshine of my life.

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