A Musical Muse

Music has perhaps been the charm of all the generations which have come and will probably be the charm of the generations to come, and yet is the sound of symphony merely an acquired taste due to social obligations, and not something which truly moves you from the soul ? One wonders if there is a real connection between music and any sort of human feeling, after all there is no universal feeling about a single kind of music. Some people like Death Metal with its sounds of gunshots after every passing minute, and yet there are others who enjoy the slow,moving voice of Simon and Garfunkel. I like the sound of the beats provided when I hit the pencil repeatedly on the bench, while my friend sitting next to me detests the same sound. So, if different people like different sounds, is there ever going to be a “good” music or a “bad” music ?

Thus, music is perhaps just another way of showing the world who you are, or who you want to be. To listen to the Beatles is to tell the world that I was, is and am in the 70’s while listening to Eminem is to tell the world that I was the essence of the dot.com boom. There are no absolute likes or dislikes as far as music is concerned, it is merely a cultivated habit to enjoy a certain type of music and by that showing the world what road it is that you walk down. While it is highly probable that most of what I have written is wrong, what I have tried to show through this article is that perhaps, we are too keen on viewing only one side of the coin, and we never care to see if there exists another side, a side which though may be wrong, is yet another way of looking through the looking-glass.

2 thoughts on “A Musical Muse

  1. Wow Seshu! I must say this one is wonderful especially because I share the same thoughts. There have been occasions when I have detested certain forms of music; but something that I witnessed in MI this year changed my thinking. I saw many people worshipping death metal and that got me wondering – if so many people like it, then it might not be ‘bad’, just not my taste….

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