Patented Parenting

Puutandu Varthagal !

Parenting is perhaps the worlds toughest profession. When you are directly responsible for someone’s upbringing, his flairs and his flaws, undermining the task is something I would not dream of attempting. Like most things in the world today, parenting too is becoming a mechanised profession. Right from birth, how you are supposed to be raising a child can be found in almost every parenting book found in the waiting hall of the ever busy gynaecologist. With each of these books telling you exactly what you should be doing when – when you should put your child to sleep, how you should put your child to sleep, what colour should your child’s bedroom be, which company’s diapers you should use for your child, everything you ever have to think about for the upbringing of your child’s already been thought out.  The excuse for this you may say is the fact that it is these formative years that are the most important for the child’s mental and physical growth, and thus mechanising the way we look after the child in these initial years leads to better development of the child as a whole.

As the child grows up and when he is a few years old, then the question which comes up is which pre-kindergarten school should we be sending our child to. I have no idea what they teach kids in these schools, i believe that kids at this age should just be allowed to explore the world and realise that their are a bountiful of mysteries hidden even in their own small world. The most social training we should be giving them is perhaps toilet training, and a little training on general social etiquette. Thus, lives of children go on in this manner, from school to tuition to coaching. At the end of the day, most children have had the same type of rote education, where we do things because that is what is being done by others, where the child is good only if he is better than others, where we look down at those who even think of doing things “differently”.

Why should parents deviate from this tried and tested path, a path which has perhaps worked for them and is working for so many around them? Is parenting at fault, or is society at fault? Why think of a different path to climb Mt Everest, if we already have found a path that leads there? Perhaps, playing it safe is the ideal thing to do, that is what probability theory will tell you, and perhaps in the end, no matter how you do as a parent, the child will move on his own in life. Yet, for parents is it a  harm to be dreaming a different dream for their children, is it a harm to do things society deems irrational?

3 thoughts on “Patented Parenting

  1. I can’t imagine what could have been your motivation for this article…maybe you were reminicsing over your own upbringing..!
    And, you’ve used demeanour incorrectly in the last line in 2nd paragraph.

    1. not everything you write has to have its roots in your own personal experience … it can have roots in perhaps other peoples personal experience ..

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