Post Mortem Report

Examinations brings along with it a host of ‘nabad’, the feeling of home just around the corner, a depressing end to a lively semester and most importantly the post mortem report of each paper, and how it went, and what grade/SPI will you get. The last of these adds to the first in my list, and it all becomes a part of one vicious cycle, semester after semester, year after year. Examination time brings some people closer, and distances a few. With little sleep, and loads of crammed material in your head, to even think about writing a blog post at such a time would be considered a sin by many. By many more, it would be perceived as a sign of knowing everything already, and simply showing everyone that you know more than they do. Such a time of the year this is, that even such blasphemous thoughts are entertained in the heads of people. The truth is, that outside the room, a probable post mortem report of todays Differential Equations Paper is taking place, and perceived truth is probably better than knowing the actual one. With just over 120 hours of limited sleep, printed pages with ununderstandale rubbish, and two exhaustive 3 hour papers left, I cant wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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