Being Schooled

Everyone of us remembers our schooling for quite a while after it is long over. Some recount their schooling years to friends and family till eternity, and talk about all the mischief they pulled of in their younger years, while some avoid talking about the subject like the plague. Yet, while we all may choose whether to love or hate our years in the crowded noisy classroom, we cant really ignore it. In the past year, I have met many people who talk fondly of their years in their schools, while for many, it was I must assume, not a very pleasant experience. If a school was merely made of buildings, classrooms, teachers and examinations, most of us would not treasure any of the moments of those formative years of our lives. A school however is infact more than just all the things I mentioned in the preceding line – a significant portion of the school was most conveniently avoided, the students. It is these 30-40 people you spend class after class, year after year, teasing, talking, getting sent out of class with, playing and least importantly studying,  that makes the essence of what your schooling was. Every friend you stopped talking to taught you a lesson. It is not in the class, but it is in those times when you were sent out the class with friends, where you make some of the greatest friends of your life. It is only in school, where neither the colour of your skin, nor the place of your worship, serve as basis of discrimination of friendship. By being teased, you understand the value of humility, and by teasing, you learn empathy.

If we dwell more into the subject, we would see that while teachers claim to have taught us a lot at school, we through are interactions with others of our own age, have learnt a lot more. School teaches you a lot about the opposite sex, not only in the ooh-aahed reproduction chapter of class 10th biology, but in the way you learn their ways of viewing the world. And then, time passes, and you see the growth of your childhood friends, and how with time, the people who were your world in school, are all of a sudden as different as pizza and roti, though both made from the same wheat. To change was inevitable, it was written in the stars, and yet the strangest part of those years of schooling is that no matter how bad your schooling life may have actually been, you always end up thinking to yourself, “It was a Wonderful World. “.

2 thoughts on “Being Schooled

  1. Schooling is the best part of our life as we are IITians. It was a place where we had no comptt. No rat race. Just frnds and us. We played when we wanted. We enjoyed our lives. Learnt from each other. There is a sense of innocence in a school child. He is away from all dis politics, rat race for marks, race for more and more knowledge and always being egoistic.
    as far as my experience is concerned, i had my best year in 9th and 10th standard, where i enjoyed the most. learnt a lot. played a lot. did a lot of masti and studied at the same time… plzzz share ur experience too…….

  2. I think for me, the best part of my schooling years was 11th and 12th … That was the time when school actually taught me somethings which were like lessons for life … So, if any of you guys are reading this, for me, those two years were quite wonderful.

    The whole rat race is just unfortunate. Sometimes you wonder, whether that has to be the case. Its just too bad that that is the case. But there are many things which are very good, and there are many people who are very nice. You have to agree :).

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