Thou Art …

To everything in life, there seem to be two components. The science behind it, and the art behind it. Knowing only the science makes you a machine, while knowing only the art, makes you a dreamer. The confluence of the two, makes you, to use a typical iit term, godly. The art of doing something, is something which people cannot teach you. It is something,which is innately present, and no amount of schooling can improve this artistic ability. The science of doing things however, is quite easily picked up. Infact, even science has an artistic component to it. Mathematics, which has often been construed to be a typical scientific subject. Yet, the most famous mathematicians are for me, artists. They imagined things, which others before them, failed to see. They painted pictures of formulae, which when seen by someone who has an understanding of the subject, give the same feeling as when someone who for the first time, walks into the Sistine Chapel, and looks at that majestic ceiling.

The very fact that to everything, there is an artistic component, is the reason why we do not live in a mechanised world.  This is an age which is progressively moving to a mechanical world, where most chores performed by people can technically be replaced by machines. It is at such a time, when we realise that the importance of the art associated with each profession. It is after all the single quality that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. If we continue to ignore the art associated with a profession, we are threading the dreaded path to mediocrity, the path of no beauty. Whenever an art dies, it signifies the death of a culture, when art dies, it will be the death of human civilisation as we know it. To chase art, is to chase the passion you have for the profession, it is to do things because you see some inner beauty associated with it, and the best artists are those who truly love what they do. Run after that, fellow readers, because it is in beauty wherein true happiness lies.

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