Lets make it a Bee-tter Place

Compare human civilisation to a bee hive, and there are remarkable similarities between these bees, and us humans. We too have a very divided social structure, we too have our queen bees, who sit and lay eggs. We too have our worker bees, who spend hours trying to collect nectar for the sake of the queen bee, and are supressed in more than one way. We have our drones, who are eliminated once their time is done. When you look at the bee hive using what I have mentioned as the knife to segregate, life seems unfair, and yet for the bees, things seem to go on. For without the workers, there wouldn’t be a bee population as surely as without the queen or the drones there wouldn’t be a bee population. While the bees in the hive have learnt to live in harmony (or so we think), and have survived for a while now, humans seem to be in permanent distress. For us humans, we all wish to be at the top, little knowing that the base is crucial for the pyramid to sustain.

It would be wrong for us to leave our life to fate,  yet the innate ambition within us to win at the cost of many others, throws a conundrum which seems to have no way out. But, what we fail to understand, is what the bees rightly understand; each in the pyramid is crucial to sustain our civilisation. While it is an accepted fact, that after a certain amount of time, we all accept our ‘fate’ and learn to live within our means, it wouldn’t hurt any of us to show a bit more empathy to those who strived and didn’t make it. It’s all after all the way we look at the world which makes it a better place to live in – it is to bee or not to bee !

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