Publicity and the lack thereof

Publicity of an event, is perhaps more important than the event itself. In the world of organization, it’s not about whether the people who come to an event talk about it to their grandchildren when they run into a “good old day spree”, it’s about how many people you manage to get to your event. It’s the amount of hype you surround the event with, its to create a Shah Rukh Khan event, and that’s what we are all after. The world-wide web is gigantic, its huge, and we are but very small parts of it. To make a small page big, we all dream about, it’s a scientists dream of someday publishing in Nature, and it almost always ends up futile. Yet, the small beacon of hope lies in those few people who we know, who managed to make something big, in a small amount of free space offered to them. While, we search for ways to publicise our websites, we scarce pay attention to what makes things stand out in a crowd, we scarce realise that it is in the companies which tend not to advertise, wherein true accomplishment lies.

But, the point we should ponder on, is whether true quality can manifest itself, without much publicity, in the world wide web. If it were not for status messages on gmail and facebook, would people ever manage to find a way to read you. While the ancients would leave that to the stars, the stars do leave it to themselves. Like every TV serial aired, every new book on the stands and every music album made, quality is ultimately judged by the numbers it manifests. It’s a never-ending search for loopholes, of false pretexts, to get people to visit your site and after that you hope that perhaps quality would make them visit again. Yet, if to write is a passion, an irresistable urge to flow ink onto a parchment, should all this really matter?

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