Perhaps the greatest mysteries life has to offer to us, is that of death. For some, death is but the next great frontier, a life beyond a life. For yet others, death is but a channel to rebirth, it’s a cycle, it’s the completion of a circle of life. But, for the poor lover, wife or mother, who has just lost her loved one, death is a pain few can imagine. Its a thought which you have for all those years pushed aside hoping you would never know the pain associated with it. A pain which even people who have been through, cannot possibly describe. It is perhaps a feeling of being stabbed and knowing that you have to live on. The world is such that everything which has been born has to perish, and while deep down we all believe this, we lay our hopes on miracles, on the hope that the people who we love remain immortal forever. The toughest part is probably to move on, for the sun will rise and set, and rise and set, and its upto us to make hay while our sun shines.

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