At the Grass Root Level

The masses in our country have always been an entity which we have always viewed as one. As a group of more than a million people, all grouped into a single measure, and as a consequence of this, our entire outlook towards society has been based on social classifications for the same. For most people, life is an endless chore, its hardwork which brings just enough food, clothing, shelter and perhaps an education for their kids. As a passerby, we scarce notice such people, for time is short and life is fleeting. Is it our upbringing, our way of life, that forces us to look away, because we are too afraid to look and see the grime beneath a layer of carefully painted well-being ?

We look away in the hope that maybe the truth will hide itself, we force our minds to see the beauty in the uglyness that surrounds us. For those people who work on with everyday being a struggle for a content stomach the next day, their only hope lies in their children, and perhaps in the politicians, who promised them a better life in exchange for their vote. For these people, life goes on regardless, through thick and thin, and one wonders how they manage all this with a smile on their face ? For all us, our life is paramount, our thoughts are noble, and yet as we sit and stare at another lost stranger whose mind has wandered far away, we realise that all of us share the same strands of life, of dreams and of love. And it is in that, that we are all not so different after all.

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