The Monsoon

The post which follows is as obvious as the title. The Indian Monsoon is peculiar. Its onset brings with it delight – a smile which signifies the end to a hot and dry summer. It is a new beginning. The farmers in the remotest parts of our country see joy, something they rarely experience one would presume. Animals in forests instinctively know that they will survive, now that resources are abundant. In some ways, it is the one thing which unites a country as diverse as ours. Yet, like everything else life offers, even the joy of the monsoon is fleeting. It seems ironic, but the ones who are greatest blessed by the the monsoon, are also the ones who are greatest affected when the winds pick up. Unfortunately, the news of the first showers are almost always followed by news of floods, cyclones which bring along with it losses to life and property.

And thus, the monsoon has a uncanning association with everything else that is life. It is a transient joy followed by profound sadness; a joy which we begin to question as soon as it begins. If year after year, we observe the same cycle, why do we continue to feel happy when the first showers trickle water down your face? Its amazing, and perhaps amusing, that this is the way we perceive the world. While today these rains in Mumbai seem irritating with the slushy mud and the depressing clouds, I cant help but wonder how this same weather a few months ago signified a new beginning.

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