Critical Analysis

Critics are like parasites, they draw your blood, the suck every ounce of self-hope, of self-expectation, and crush it like a grinder would while making coffee. Yet, people say they are essential for us to live, for us to become better, for this world to be normal. Because parasites are essential for the eco-system, they retain the healthy and weed out the bad ones, the round plugs in the square hole. Mighty humans have created knowledge, created wealth and well-being, and in this we prided ourselves to be above the rest. We created the world as we see it today, the buildings, the roads, the bridges, but did we make ourselves any different from the creatures we claim to be so different from. We too fight for our survival, in the limited resources which we have. We tax the poor to protect the rich. We make our life, the pyramid of evolution. The quest to reach the top, the struggle to pull back people who are ahead. To weed out he, who is not built for the climb, to mock he who tries and fails. Our ways, our education, our teachings only instill fear in us to try and do what we think is different. We were all built to do the same thing, over and over and over again, because life for us has no more meaning than it does for the primate in the zoo.

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