To Every Man His Voice

The story of the world has its abridged and unabridged versions. This post is not about the story of the world, because to speak of it, is to speak of an endless abyss of information. However, the story of every individual in this world is something I would like to address. Every person has a unique story, a unique life and unique thoughts. And yet, we are seemingly unknowingly, pulled by the same strings, and hence we are thought of as one. Be it in being classified as “rich” or “poor”, or on being classified as “urban” or “rural”, the world wants to put us all into some box, because it is collective thought which is rational, and it is only of importance what society thinks as a whole. All this is an amalgam so seemingly real that this classification has gone from being something conscious to being unconscious, and it seemed thus for me, until one day I looked at the strangers walking by, and started wondering what they could possibly be thinking about. It is then that you realize that these people could be thinking about anything, right from wondering whether global warming is actually true, to wondering what they will eat when they get back home. Infact they could even be wondering about what you are wondering, which is in fact what they are wondering !

With this seemingly trivial thought, the Pandora box of how much one misses when one classifies people as objects opens up. The difference between classifying people as “Fat” or “Thin” as opposed to classifying matter as solid, liquid or gas is the fact that no matter what the classification of the person is, he still remains a rational being, and is therefore capable of his unique rational thought. He is different from every other person living on this planet, and his thoughts are different from every other persons in this planet. The societal classification of people has made people doubt themselves, they transform themselves into the objects they are classified to be in. The fat person becomes lazy by virtue of people thinking that all fat objects are like that. Personally, I am opposed to this form of classification followed by everyone, right from policy makers, to teachers, to peers. What be the point of a fancy college education, if you treat the individuals you meet based on the colour of their skin, or the region they are from, or on the caste they belong to, instead of treating them based on the words they speak, the thoughts they think and the actions they do !

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