When you see a teenager walking down a road, those dangling white earphones remind you that there is hope that maybe tomorrow will be better off than today. You walk on further, and perhaps you encounter another group of boys, playing a sport you wished you could be playing now. You think of those days when you were carefree, “But were you carefree ?”. You stop an auto, and ask him to take you to the station. The auto stops, and you see a kid holding his hand out, begging for a rupee or two. Will he get it? What do these kids grow up to be like? You board the train, and you see a kid with a heavy bag board the train. You think about your dirty uniform, and heavy bag. You remember the torment every day of school used to be like. This kid seems to have a smile on his face. A good breakfast perhaps, or could he genuinely enjoy studying? Is our education system improving? Yet another beggar comes to you. It crosses your mind that perhaps they see some kind of innocence in the way you view the world. You say ‘no’, he walks on. You think, “I should be like him, moving on”. The day ahead looks dull, boring. You look around, “Am I looking in a mirror?”. Their day would also be boring. They will also want to just get back home. Some perhaps will not have a home to go to? What a nation this is? All this poverty, all this mess. It’s the politics. But we elect them, it is us. But they make us elect them, it is them. But we still elect them, It has to be us. What if we all got off this train? What if we changed the way the world was. If I get off, would anyone else get off? But I am old, my time is almost done. I don’t really want to get off. The youth, lets wait for them to grow up and get off!

8 thoughts on “You

  1. amazing stuff. Though I just had two things in mind. Getting Politics in the middle of it is a valid point, but you could’ve linked it to the flow of the article in a better way.
    Also in the end, when you say that you should wait for the youth to bring the change, you almost contradicted the purpose of the whole article. See, the youth will grow old one day too, and they will say the same thing. The point is that you can’t wait for someone to start – you have to start yourself. Putting the burden of responsibility on the youth only aggravates the issue.
    I am not saying that don’t expect the youth to do anything at all. The youth need to contribute actively, but that does not mean that your contribution will mean any lesser.
    It was a thought provoking read.

    1. This is where you tried to shift the burden of responsibility – “The youth, lets wait for them to grow up and get off!”
      Expecting the youth to change the world is understandable.
      But that does not mean you stop trying to bring the change.
      That’s my point. Hope you’ll understand. 🙂 🙂

      1. Thanks.
        So the point at the end of the post which I tried to bring out, was the fact that the onus of change is being passed from one generation to another. So the last line was a satirical way of showing that the simply passing the buck doesnt change anything.
        If you have ever heard leaders speak, the most common agenda most of them talk about, is the youth and how they will change the way we live. This post was to try and show the hollowness of such statements.
        Thanks for your comments :).

      2. Oh, then it is fine..! I could not pick up on the satirical tone. That really shows, as you said, the hollowness of such statements.
        Awesome article! 🙂

  2. You want to wait for youth? Friendly reminder cum inquiry: I hope you realise you’re still just 19 years old

    1. I was trying to be a little on the satirical side. I is more like a general third person in the post, and not really “me” in the strictest sense in the post.

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