The Diffusion of Chaos

Compare the random motion of molecules of a gas diffusing through an orifice to the crowding of passengers while getting onto a bus. With everyone crowding at the entrance, the resistance is enough to make sure that no one is able to get in. Perhaps the most intriguing thing in life is that when everyone tries to be ‘first’, everyone gets delayed in getting in. Not to mention the struggle of getting in, when everyone is sure they will get in.

If molecules were to try and diffuse through a hole in a line, if animals ate their share of the meal in a sequence, we would live in a better world. The world would not be limited in its efficiency, there would be no need to evolve. If molecules and you act in the same manner, who is thinking for the both of you ?

The next time you are waiting to get into a bus or a train, you could be pondering about the mysterious behaviour of numbers, planets or organisms. But you would still face the mysterious resistance from those around you, while diffusing into an empty bus.

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