Coke on the Top of Mt Everest

You always wonder why people redo the same things they have done before. Why some men choose to run the marathon again and again, year after year, to experience the same pains and the same joys. In the end, you almost always attain the same thing, the same feeling of success you had the last time. And yet, something drives you to do it over and over and over again.

I asked myself, ” Why does someone do this ?”. Why does a person go through a struggle again, after he has already gone through it ? If he wanted to prove a point to someone else, he would have already done it. If he wanted to prove something to himself, wouldn’t it make more sense if he were to do something he hasn’t done before. If I were to score a century at Lords, would my first century feel any different from any century I might subsequently score ?

I see two possible recourses to our dilemma at hand. The first of these recourses rests on the premise that our memory of emotions is in fact, fickle. We forget the feelings we experienced when we performed the feat earlier, and we wish to recreate that feeling. Because, often, there is no picture, or painting, or writing which captures this feeling, we need to do it again, to rekindle the lost glow. The second recourse is based on the human being’s greater need to differentiate himself. While there have been many cricketers who know how it feels like to score an international century, only one of them knows how it feels, when you score a 100 of them.

In either case, it is a desire to not rest until you know how coke tastes like on top of Mt Everest.

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