To Grow up with Facebook

It has been a way of life to separate your past from your present, because the past always remains in history texts. Facebook puts a test to this age-old way of life. In some sense, over time, your facebook page becomes the facade you present to the world. To every acquaintance you make, you reveal the stories of your teenage years. It makes you wonder, if your past continuing to haunt you is really a good thing ?

But more than information it gives every acquaintance you make, it probably gives access to every child born in the facebooking generation, a knowledge of the life their parents led prior to their birth. And if the information stored on facebook indeed lasts a lifetime, it would give easy access to the teenage lives of ones grandparents.

Parenting has revolved around the idea that a child cannot know their past until you tell them, and this has proved to be a way for parents suitably mould the recountings of their past experiences in order to create  better futures for their children. In a brutally honest world, where your honesty is defined by your posts in the virtual ecosystem, the basis on which personal relationships develop, would definitely be very different. I believe that if facebook existed 60 years ago, the stories my grandparents narrated, would definitely not be as engrossing, because they would have to revolve around verifiable ‘true’ events. And when you think about that, 60 years from now, much of the ‘real’ world will be boring.

One thought on “To Grow up with Facebook

  1. this is so thought provoking. I recently took myself away from the facebook world (not that I am not putting myself out there with a blog) and it feels sort of good in fact! But I sort of like the idea of seeing what my grandma was like when she was young.

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