How we can become richer and save the environment ?

Consuming too much is one of the leading causes of depletion of the World’s resources. We want bigger houses, bigger cars which consume more fuel, products which are not essential and ultimately deplete the world’s natural resources to produce , all to make ourselves feel happier. At times, this consumerism drives us to procure items to have a standing in society and to be the ones who are looked up to. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to lead a better life, consumerism often makes us lead a life which does not necessarily make us happier individuals. The other major problem with consumerism is the economic cost which the environment incurs to produce items which make you happy. In the long run, consumerism can not sustain itself, which leads me to propose a new model for “sustainable” growth.

Services rendered by individuals often has a lower cost to the environment than the production of goods does. For example, if you were to sit in a concert, or you were to watch an opera, you are watching human excellence which has been achieved through hard work and innate talent. If we were to appreciate the unique services people could render, we would be paying for services of other human beings, and not for the reckless usage of precious natural resources. As a result, by moving to an economy which is sustained through the understanding and appreciation of human talents, we would be able to save the environment. How would this make the world a better place ? Appreciation of human talents often gives more satisfaction than merely owning an object of human creation. In addition to this, by moving to an economy which involves people who are using their natural talent rather than their brawn, we are in effect making the lives of people more meaningful both economically and socially.

So to summarize it all in one line, if we were to buy fewer materials and buy more services, we would be making the people of the world richer while saving the environment.

2 thoughts on “How we can become richer and save the environment ?

  1. I solemnly and graciously appreciate your indulgence towards rendering useful and effective services to people, as for a magician or a ventriloquist or an acrobat. While these services or in fact the technical services being provided by the professionals are the bread and butter in today’s ever changing world, using resources is essential for the very sustenance. It is quite unclear from the above article as to what resources you intend to elaborate your viewpoint on and to what extent are you willful in allowing or denying its usage.

    1. I agreed with what you say. All I am saying is that it would be better if we spent excess money on enjoying services rather than buying excessive commodities to make ourselves feel better.

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