10 ways your life changed while you were busy Face-booking

Practically a generation has grown up with Facebook on their phones, their laptops and their minds. Below are 10 ways your life changed, for better or worse, while you were busy liking statuses on Facebook :

1) The number of friends you had suddenly became an important part of your life.

2) Chatting through introductions became a way for you to avoid actual interactions.

3) You suddenly started valuing  your individuality, PR and outreach was suddenly of utmost importance to you.

4) You suddenly knew a lot about what people were doing and surprisingly little about who they really were.

5) Your friends recent update read to you as Ernest Hemingway’s quotes would, while Hemingway continued gathering dust in some forgotten book shelf.

6) Your display photograph painted a picture of a person you never were.

7) You forgot to know the people close to you while you were busy stalking a friend of a friend you would never end up meeting.

8) You spent so much time posing for the perfect photograph that you stopped remembering what the photograph was signifying.

9) By only allowing people to write on your wall, you created a divide between you and the world.

10) You feel relieved that you can finally announce things to the world, even by remaining silent.

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