Arachuvitta Sambhar and the Modern Bride

The kitchen is a fortress in any household. While the men go out into the world, earn money, power and fame, the woman is confined to being the queen of this four-cornered room. The vessels are spic, the steel reflects the light from the lone window in the room, and the granite tiles are as polished as they were when first bought.

Our subconscious association with the kitchen, both as men and for women, is one which reflects the reality of our view towards women and their entitlements in society. An apathy towards the value of the food women around the world cook, has resulted in an unhealthy contempt for housework. As women enter all walks of the “real” economy, the fortress which the kitchen was, acts as a barricade to their claim for equality.

The kitchen, which is home to all things which smell and taste beautiful, is now viewed as the haunted house of oppression and isolation of the past. And in coming to terms with this, the work entailed in creating a beautiful meal begins to outweigh the taste and pleasure which ensues while consuming this meal.

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