7 Reasons to Run

There are so many reasons why you should not do something. There is always an urging desire to remain cocooned in the comfort of a routine. If you were a scientist, you would term this an increase in entropy.

So here I compile a list of 7 reasons why you should get out, and start running.

1) It is physically tiring and you have put it off for a very long time.

2) You can run alone. You don’t need someone by your side.

3) You were born with the ability to run. No one has to teach you how it should be done.

4) You don’t need to be rich. All you need is a pair of shoes (which you can also do without).

5) What you eat and what you drink will take a whole other meaning.

6) You are not thinking. You are not contemplating. You are running.

7) Maybe, you figure out what you have been running from. And what you are running towards.

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