What Sachin Tendulkar gave to the World

I am no ardent cricket enthusiast. I can play the game and perhaps criticize certain tactics. I can enjoy a good bowling spell and perhaps appreciate the contest between bat and ball on an overcast summer morning in England. But I most certainly cannot watch a 5-day long test match, uninterrupted.

Put yourselves in the shoes of a farmer in drought affected Bihar, or Gujarat, or Andhra Pradesh. The world can be a tough place when you put yourself in their shoes. Yet, for some reason, I have a feeling that Sachin Tendulkar symbolizes something akin to magic, for every person who has ever lived in India during his era.

Boyish enthusiasm and a quest for perfection. But more than that, the perseverance necessary to turn the crank and work towards being the best at what you do. An innocence which even money cannot tarnish, and a simplicity of being which continues to keep your feet on the ground.

We do not fly. At times, there is an illusion which makes us believe that we can soar. But our feet are on the ground, and continue to remain there.

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