Being alive!

When I was five, it took me only a few moments to classify things into being living or non-living. So much so, that I have sub-consciously accepted this classification. Yet, the ‘Life Force’ which allows me to live is the same ‘Life Force’ which is in the chair I am sitting in, the laptop I am using to express myself, and perhaps even in determining what I am going to express. One can see this ‘Life Force’ not only in terms of the atoms and molecules which constitute all these systems, but also in terms of the utility these objects play in our lives.

Imagine meeting an individual on your way to work. You may acknowledge her existence, with a smile or a cheerful Hello. She is a living being. She seems to share some of your fundamental characteristics. But the flask you are using to drink your morning coffee is serving its purpose, and so is the coffee you are drinking. All of it is living, some of it through you, some of it independent of you.

It is not only human beings who live and die, but everything we see, observe or feel which lives and can potentially perish.

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