The power of choice

This past week, several people were talking about a woman’s choice, prompted by this video by Vogue India. In the process, I was involved in a discussion which stemmed from a disagreement with this commentary of the video. These discussions were extremely satisfying, and in this blog post I describe what I learnt in the process.

All human beings have the remarkable potential to make choices. Men have it as much women. Rich have it as much poor. This potential to make choices transcends race, gender, status, fame or any other human form of classification imaginable. From the mundane, to the profound, we make choices all the time. We choose when to wake up, what we eat, whether we shower, whom we marry and how we treat both strangers and the people we love . In every conscious or sub-conscious decision we take, we are making a choice. The number of choices we have in our control, and the impact these choices can have on society is astounding. For instance, some humans have chosen liberty over life, and in the process altered the way we treat each other.

While we are making choices all the time, we have failed as a society to teach every individual that they can have complete control over all the choices they make. I am only scratching the surface, when I write that we have neglected women, homosexuals and poor people almost everywhere. I think that it is unjust that everyone does not have access to the knowledge that lies at the bedrock of all of human advancement – that we have the power to make our own choices.

One thought on “The power of choice

  1. In my opinion, some of these choices are forced on us..rather like a magician forces a card, during a trick. Finding out (and choosing) what we really want, is the whole point of life….according to me that is 😛 😛

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