Crime Shows And Science

Crime shows are engrossing because they exploit a natural human tendency to focus on the bigger picture rather than the details. The best crime shows are successful because even though there are clues throughout the show to identify the true identity of the criminal, we as viewers tend to focus on the overall plot and not the details within these plots. However, solving a crime hinges on identifying details which are abnormal. These details allow us to construct a different story, thereby identifying the criminal.

It seems like a similar principle applies to science also. Answers are sometimes embedded within the details of the experiment. Details alone does not tell the entire story. Just like in the crime show, there are often numerous details. Some of these details are revealed to an audience, but numerous others exist, unknown to an audience.

The human experience is multi-faceted. At every moment, there are numerous choices we can make about what we can do or think or tweet about. It is possible attimes that there are unique solutions within this multi-dimensional space, which we can logically infer.

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