Of Dreams and Opinions

After taking a sojourn from writing, I hope to get back onto the horse. In this blog post, I would like to talk a bit about dreams and sharing opinions.

Through the passage of time, we change and the world around us changes. Our dreams are what we imagine this change to reflect. As we grow up, we dream of ourselves as adults serving a purpose in some form. We dream of what the future entails, the possessions we can own or the work we might do. We share our dreams with the people close to us, and own a small share of their dreams. And while some dreams result in shattered hopes, we yearn to live the life of our dreams – and for us to play a small part in making the dreams of others come true.

For the longest time, in addition to dreaming of a productive, fulfilling and healthy adult life, I dreamt of having a unique voice through which I could experience the world, and express how I felt. A part of the purpose of writing this blog was to develop such a voice and I feel that I have in a small part succeeded. I feel more confident in developing and expressing my view point, and am always excited to learn about another’s point of view. Differing opinions often result from diverse experiences and unique interpretations of the same set of circumstances. I can attest that something good comes of sharing our opinions and debating vigorously, while hearing, acknowledging and respecting the other side.

So let us continue to dream and pursue our dreams. If successful, we learn what it is like to live the life our dreams and with failure, we learn something about what makes us special.


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