The Age of Individual Celebrities

We live in a uber-connected world. We are connected through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat and really countless other apps. These technological platforms are changing the ways we access information and news. Social news almost exclusively percolates through the social media. This includes news of friends moving forward in their lives, with new jobs, moving to different cities, getting engaged or married and pictures from their latest adventures and vacations. It is an outlet for our creativity and for sharing the goals, news and opinions which inspire us.

With this increased social influence of individuals, the social media have enabled us to transform each of our lives into the life of a celebrity. While in earlier times, only a small number of people had the outreach to have their stories told and their creative talents expressed – a larger number of people can now tell their stories to the people in their circles.

If there is one criticism of celebrities, it is that they only tell half the story – the fairy tale portion. It would be nice to hear more about the “real life” people lead, i.e., the small accomplishments and struggles, and even the major disappointments and breakdowns. I think there is a need to understand and accept the holistic and complex nature of individuals on the social media and ultimately celebrating our lives for all that it is and not exclusively for a few memorable events.

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