Post Mortem Report

Examinations brings along with it a host of ‘nabad’, the feeling of home just around the corner, a depressing end to a lively semester and most importantly the post mortem report of each paper, and how it went, and what grade/SPI will you get. The last of these adds to the first in my list, and it all becomes a part of one vicious cycle, semester after semester, year after year. Examination time brings some people closer, and distances a few. With little sleep, and loads of crammed material in your head, to even think about writing a blog post … Continue reading Post Mortem Report

An English PAF

The PAF is quite a unique institute competition. Its takes the whole lot to produce the PAF, and it makes the festival very popular among most of established hostel junta, as I had written in one of my earlier posts. While viewing the last PAF, I was thinking of the old days when the same PAF’s used to be in English. And then I wondered how an english PAF in the institute would be like, and I realised that if it could be pulled off, it would be remarkable. The problems associated however with an english PAF are numerous, including … Continue reading An English PAF

PAF – 1

The Performing Arts Festival of IIT Bombay is a grand culmination to a year infested with cultural activity. It is showcased to be the pride of the Institute. 3-4 Hostels are usually grouped together as a single team, depending on the level of enthusiasm shown in the hostels, to co-host the event. Everything, right from the sets, to the dance choreography, the Original Soundtrack music and finally the script is made in consortium by the students in the PAF Team, and after over two weeks of work in all these areas, the hostels proudly present their unique PAF. To the … Continue reading PAF – 1


Swimmathon is IIT Bombay’s unique spectacle. Swimmathon is a marathon in water. It is, wait for it, to swim in water continuously for a period of 12 hours. Yes, 12 HOURS. When you enter the portals of this not-so-majestic looking institution, you hear about it and wonder if this could be true and if this really happens. I still wonder whether this really happens but apparently, as of saturday 4pm, the 12 hour clock would have officially had its first tick. Naturally, I registered for the event and I am all pumped about finishing the hours. After all, twelve hours … Continue reading Swimmathon