The Sham that is the Food Security Bill

The food security bill which was passed yesterday in the Lok Sabha has been criticized by the opposition because the government is trying to regain lost sympathy prior to elections. In the process they have ignored what should be the most important criticism for the Bill … Continue reading The Sham that is the Food Security Bill

Give them their States

States are an artificial creation by us to help us govern better. Large countries need several leaders and a collective decision process that involves more than a handful of people. India is a nation of over a billion people, and the organization of our states is based largely on our colonial governance, with further states being carved out on the recommendations of the states re-organisation commission in 1956. Continue reading Give them their States

Jugaad : The Indian Way of Life

Jugaad is a way of life, peculiar to certain sections of the Indian population, where one tries to achieve the bare minimum necessary to satisfy one’s expectation. It is, in other words, becoming a person who can “get things done”. In India, a philosophical embrace for this way of life, has resulted in the pathetic state we are in, and the happiness with which we continue to live in such a state. In such a way of life, one achieves the desired result through any means deemed fit. Therefore, as a parent, you would talk to the right set of … Continue reading Jugaad : The Indian Way of Life