The Perfect Mona Lisa

Far away stood a very fine portrait Aah ! I said. It was worth the wait. I look at the mathematical preciseness The perfect slope on the plain dress I was awed by the perfect angles, A perfection devoid of tangles Years later, I came back to the lady The smile made me forget perfection Her eyes never left mine, I sensed a loneliness The lonely companion who encourages you while you climb the never-ending Stairs to Perfection.         Continue reading The Perfect Mona Lisa

Clouded Memories

If photographs were memories, Of all those days gone by. In calm weather, was there a breeze, In night, was it blue the sky. But the breeze did once exist And the sky in the day was blue Clouded by all the fog and mist Those days now seem so few. It was all there – the sun, the rain And now the seasons seem to change All those thoughts come in as a train They are alien thoughts to a land strange. It seems like a sleep one wakes up from Flashes of love, Flashes of storm. Continue reading Clouded Memories

On the Philosophy of “Life” .. (Read Fundaes on Life)

“Life”, Many a bard have spoken of it They have spoken of people, and where they fit Some claimed Life is beautiful, its a dream They’ve spoken of love, and how in love, people  gleam Some have written on poverty, and how life is unfair With the poor lies their sympathy, and the rich get a glare Life, some claim is no more than a biological process, Perhaps we are only pawns, In a gods game of chess. So, to hell with the philosophies of life, Live it out well – be it in strife or with your wife ! … Continue reading On the Philosophy of “Life” .. (Read Fundaes on Life)