The Age of Individual Celebrities

We live in a uber-connected world. We are connected through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat and really countless other apps. These technological platforms are changing the ways we access information and news. Social news almost exclusively percolates through the social media. This includes news of friends moving forward in their lives, with new jobs, moving to different cities, getting engaged or married and pictures from their latest adventures and vacations. It is an outlet for our creativity and for sharing the goals, news and opinions which inspire us. With this increased social influence of individuals, the social media have … Continue reading The Age of Individual Celebrities

Making Money of the Internet – The Economics of Child-like Simplicity

The internet was born in the 90’s, at the time of the bubble, when investors in the US were pouring money into any start-up in the Silicon Valley which owned a website with even the remote capability of earning revenue. As the bubble began to burst, the brutal truth began to dawn on investors. Making a website did not take a genius. All it required was a programmer, and a host server. The only people however who were adept in programming were nerds graduating from Ivy League colleges (or their equivalent). Today, one would say that more than a … Continue reading Making Money of the Internet – The Economics of Child-like Simplicity

What is Passion ?

Steve Jobs, in his famous commencement speech at Stanford spoke about the need for people to follow their passions. Ever since then (and perhaps even before), passion has become the “buzz” word, the linchpin you strive to live your life around. The queer thing about passion is the following : If I were to give career advice to someone, I would tell them to follow their passion, and both of us would go back satisfied. However, none of us would go back any wiser. Passion cannot be something subjective. The answer to question, “What is Passion ?” cannot be, “Passion is … Continue reading What is Passion ?

How we can become richer and save the environment ?

Consuming too much is one of the leading causes of depletion of the World’s resources. We want bigger houses, bigger cars which consume more fuel, products which are not essential and ultimately deplete the world’s natural resources to produce , all to make ourselves feel happier. At times, this consumerism drives us to procure items to have a standing in society and to be the ones who are looked up to. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to lead a better life, consumerism often makes us lead a life which does not necessarily make us happier individuals. The other … Continue reading How we can become richer and save the environment ?

A Conspiracy Theory about the Internet

We all believe that the Internet has become a means for us to express ourselves. A place where every individual’s thought has a value. Where oppressive regimes can no longer curtail what people read and are exposed to, and hence believe in. We believe that the social media allows us to interact with people and makes sure news at one part of the globe reaches the other. However, it is probably true that in the larger picture, the Internet actually kills the ability of people to communicate ideas. It makes a society so bothered with the mundane, that the larger … Continue reading A Conspiracy Theory about the Internet

To Grow up with Facebook

It has been a way of life to separate your past from your present, because the past always remains in history texts. Facebook puts a test to this age-old way of life. In some sense, over time, your facebook page becomes the facade you present to the world. To every¬†acquaintance you make, you reveal the stories of your teenage years. It makes you wonder, if your past continuing to haunt you is really a good thing ? But more than information it gives every acquaintance you make, it probably gives access to every child born in the facebooking generation, a … Continue reading To Grow up with Facebook

What Education Makes you Forget ?

He was a boy, just like any other. He did not realize it then, but when he opened his eyes, he saw his parents smiling. What he also did not realize then, was that the thoughts which formed in his head then, he would spend a lifetime not answering. It was a boy. He looked down at him, and smiled. He didnt wonder why. He smiled because he was supposed to. That was what the world made him out to be.   Continue reading What Education Makes you Forget ?