Perhaps the greatest mysteries life has to offer to us, is that of death. For some, death is but the next great frontier, a life beyond a life. For yet others, death is but a channel to rebirth, it’s a cycle, it’s the completion of a circle of life. But, for the poor lover, wife or mother, who has just lost her loved one, death is a pain few can imagine. Its a thought which you have for all those years pushed aside hoping you would never know the pain associated with it. A pain which even people who have … Continue reading Death

The Accident

I am walking down a busy road, a car is approaching The horn is blaring, I can’t hear a thing. The bright lights glaring, I cant see anything I should run, but I keep staring. Around me, the familiar sites become unfamiliar I see a nightingale sing without any fear. In an urban city, I am surrounded by forests so near I am back in time, in some long forgotten year. It all comes back, and I smile The driver looks at me – I am senile The car comes to a halt, and i add, in style I learn … Continue reading The Accident