Dynasty Politicks

I woke up to read that Rahul Gandhi would take over the congress. If you think about it, he would in fact be the 5th generation of people from the Nehru family to hold a high post in politics; Motilal Nehru being the first. In a democracy, if one family had been at the helm for the better part of 5 generations, you must wonder if the process has been truly democratic. I pity the congress for its narrow-mindedness. To have no democratic process to elect party leadership makes the largest single party in our democracy a family business. And … Continue reading Dynasty Politicks

Media Fever

The materialistic hand, over the past decade or so, has clawed itself deep into the integrity of journalism and press in our country, and this is quite disturbing. With News Channels flashing Breaking News for trivial reasons all the time, it has simply become like the boy who cried wolf. The trend has become such that today, News Channels use their coverage to instill ideas into people, to tell them what to think instead of telling them what to think about. News has become synonymous with political parties promoting their agenda; the inherent bias of newspapers which is traditionally to … Continue reading Media Fever