What Education Makes you Forget ?

He was a boy, just like any other. He did not realize it then, but when he opened his eyes, he saw his parents smiling. What he also did not realize then, was that the thoughts which formed in his head then, he would spend a lifetime not answering. It was a boy. He looked down at him, and smiled. He didnt wonder why. He smiled because he was supposed to. That was what the world made him out to be.   Continue reading What Education Makes you Forget ?

On the Spirit that Haunts

In essence, both science and religion are both based on beliefs; science on unverifiable hypothesis like evolution and the Big Bang theory, and religion on the mystic powers of spirituality and God. Five centuries ago, the claims of religion would probably be accepted as true, and science would seem no more than a theory. After all, it is but natural to assume that the earth is stationary and we were created as we are. Time does changes a lot, and in the case of spiritual beliefs, they are now made to seem like the weirdest theories ever floated. Ultimately, both … Continue reading On the Spirit that Haunts

Being Schooled

Everyone of us remembers our schooling for quite a while after it is long over. Some recount their schooling years to friends and family till eternity, and talk about all the mischief they pulled of in their younger years, while some avoid talking about the subject like the plague. Yet, while we all may choose whether to love or hate our years in the crowded noisy classroom, we cant really ignore it. In the past year, I have met many people who talk fondly of their years in their schools, while for many, it was I must assume, not a … Continue reading Being Schooled