PAF – 1

The Performing Arts Festival of IIT Bombay is a grand culmination to a year infested with cultural activity. It is showcased to be the pride of the Institute. 3-4 Hostels are usually grouped together as a single team, depending on the level of enthusiasm shown in the hostels, to co-host the event. Everything, right from the sets, to the dance choreography, the Original Soundtrack music and finally the script is made in consortium by the students in the PAF Team, and after over two weeks of work in all these areas, the hostels proudly present their unique PAF. To the … Continue reading PAF – 1

The Accident

I am walking down a busy road, a car is approaching The horn is blaring, I can’t hear a thing. The bright lights glaring, I cant see anything I should run, but I keep staring. Around me, the familiar sites become unfamiliar I see a nightingale sing without any fear. In an urban city, I am surrounded by forests so near I am back in time, in some long forgotten year. It all comes back, and I smile The driver looks at me – I am senile The car comes to a halt, and i add, in style I learn … Continue reading The Accident