Making Money of the Internet – The Economics of Child-like Simplicity

The internet was born in the 90’s, at the time of the bubble, when investors in the US were pouring money into any start-up in the Silicon Valley which owned a website with even the remote capability of earning revenue. As the bubble began to burst, the brutal truth began to dawn on investors. Making a website did not take a genius. All it required was a programmer, and a host server. The only people however who were adept in programming were nerds graduating from Ivy League colleges (or their equivalent). Today, one would say that more than a … Continue reading Making Money of the Internet – The Economics of Child-like Simplicity

A Conspiracy Theory about the Internet

We all believe that the Internet has become a means for us to express ourselves. A place where every individual’s thought has a value. Where oppressive regimes can no longer curtail what people read and are exposed to, and hence believe in. We believe that the social media allows us to interact with people and makes sure news at one part of the globe reaches the other. However, it is probably true that in the larger picture, the Internet actually kills the ability of people to communicate ideas. It makes a society so bothered with the mundane, that the larger … Continue reading A Conspiracy Theory about the Internet

To Grow up with Facebook

It has been a way of life to separate your past from your present, because the past always remains in history texts. Facebook puts a test to this age-old way of life. In some sense, over time, your facebook page becomes the facade you present to the world. To every¬†acquaintance you make, you reveal the stories of your teenage years. It makes you wonder, if your past continuing to haunt you is really a good thing ? But more than information it gives every acquaintance you make, it probably gives access to every child born in the facebooking generation, a … Continue reading To Grow up with Facebook