Critical Analysis

Critics are like parasites, they draw your blood, the suck every ounce of self-hope, of self-expectation, and crush it like a grinder would while making coffee. Yet, people say they are essential for us to live, for us to become better, for this world to be normal. Because parasites are essential for the eco-system, they retain the healthy and weed out the bad ones, the round plugs in the square hole. Mighty humans have created knowledge, created wealth and well-being, and in this we prided ourselves to be above the rest. We created the world as we see it today, … Continue reading Critical Analysis

At the Grass Root Level

The masses in our country have always been an entity which we have always viewed as one. As a group of more than a million people, all grouped into a single measure, and as a consequence of this, our entire outlook towards society has been based on social classifications for the same. For most people, life is an endless chore, its hardwork which brings just enough food, clothing, shelter and perhaps an education for their kids. As a passerby, we scarce notice such people, for time is short and life is fleeting. Is it our upbringing, our way of life, … Continue reading At the Grass Root Level


Perhaps the greatest mysteries life has to offer to us, is that of death. For some, death is but the next great frontier, a life beyond a life. For yet others, death is but a channel to rebirth, it’s a cycle, it’s the completion of a circle of life. But, for the poor lover, wife or mother, who has just lost her loved one, death is a pain few can imagine. Its a thought which you have for all those years pushed aside hoping you would never know the pain associated with it. A pain which even people who have … Continue reading Death

Lets make it a Bee-tter Place

Compare human civilisation to a bee hive, and there are remarkable similarities between these bees, and us humans. We too have a very divided social structure, we too have our queen bees, who sit and lay eggs. We too have our worker bees, who spend hours trying to collect nectar for the sake of the queen bee, and are supressed in more than one way. We have our drones, who are eliminated once their time is done. When you look at the bee hive using what I have mentioned as the knife to segregate, life seems unfair, and yet for … Continue reading Lets make it a Bee-tter Place

Thou Art …

To everything in life, there seem to be two components. The science behind it, and the art behind it. Knowing only the science makes you a machine, while knowing only the art, makes you a dreamer. The confluence of the two, makes you, to use a typical iit term, godly. The art of doing something, is something which people cannot teach you. It is something,which is innately present, and no amount of schooling can improve this artistic ability. The science of doing things however, is quite easily picked up. Infact, even science has an artistic component to it. Mathematics, which … Continue reading Thou Art …

On the Philosophy of “Life” .. (Read Fundaes on Life)

“Life”, Many a bard have spoken of it They have spoken of people, and where they fit Some claimed Life is beautiful, its a dream They’ve spoken of love, and how in love, peopleĀ  gleam Some have written on poverty, and how life is unfair With the poor lies their sympathy, and the rich get a glare Life, some claim is no more than a biological process, Perhaps we are only pawns, In a gods game of chess. So, to hell with the philosophies of life, Live it out well – be it in strife or with your wife ! … Continue reading On the Philosophy of “Life” .. (Read Fundaes on Life)