To Grow up with Facebook

It has been a way of life to separate your past from your present, because the past always remains in history texts. Facebook puts a test to this age-old way of life. In some sense, over time, your facebook page becomes the facade you present to the world. To every acquaintance you make, you reveal the stories of your teenage years. It makes you wonder, if your past continuing to haunt you is really a good thing ? But more than information it gives every acquaintance you make, it probably gives access to every child born in the facebooking generation, a … Continue reading To Grow up with Facebook

Patented Parenting

Puutandu Varthagal ! Parenting is perhaps the worlds toughest profession. When you are directly responsible for someone’s upbringing, his flairs and his flaws, undermining the task is something I would not dream of attempting. Like most things in the world today, parenting too is becoming a mechanised profession. Right from birth, how you are supposed to be raising a child can be found in almost every parenting book found in the waiting hall of the ever busy gynaecologist. With each of these books telling you exactly what you should be doing when – when you should put your child to … Continue reading Patented Parenting