What is Passion ?

Steve Jobs, in his famous commencement speech at Stanford spoke about the need for people to follow their passions. Ever since then (and perhaps even before), passion has become the “buzz” word, the linchpin you strive to live your life around. The queer thing about passion is the following : If I were to give career advice to someone, I would tell them to follow their passion, and both of us would go back satisfied. However, none of us would go back any wiser. Passion cannot be something subjective. The answer to question, “What is Passion ?” cannot be, “Passion is … Continue reading What is Passion ?

Publicity and the lack thereof

Publicity of an event, is perhaps more important than the event itself. In the world of organization, it’s not about whether the people who come to an event talk about it to their grandchildren when they run into a “good old day spree”, it’s about how many people you manage to get to your event. It’s the amount of hype you surround the event with, its to create a Shah Rukh Khan event, and that’s what we are all after. The world-wide web is gigantic, its huge, and we are but very small parts of it. To make a small … Continue reading Publicity and the lack thereof